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I’ve decided to finally start a blog, surely to abandon it after the third post.

I plan to ramble incoherently about the Dallas Stars, NHL hockey, and anything even remotely related to those things.  I am notoriously lazy and easily intimidated by the prospect of having to come up with anything creative.  So I wouldn’t expect anything too great. 

I will also try not to be quite so self-defeating, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, either.

I’ve been lurking in some really great blogs for a couple of years now. Covered In Oil and Battle of California got me going in the hockey blogosphere. They never even knew I was there. But then Earl Sleek from BoC linked me to Interchangeable Parts and I was off. I’ve been spamming poor Schnookie and Pookie with comments ever since.

I regularly read what seems like hundreds of great blogs. I’ll be adding them to my blogroll a little at a time. (See above where I talk about my laziness.)

So, I thought it would be fun to try it myself. I can vent my frustrations with the lack of hockey talk in my neck of the woods and save my friends and family from having to listen to it.


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