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Good grief, that Morrow bobblehead is frightening!  The Modano bobblehead is small and probably not that high-dollar, but it at least has the spirit of the bobblehead in mind.  The dumpy body, the ankles together, the nice smooth paint, and the giant bobbing head.  The Morrow looks like it started out to be one of those MacFarlane action figures, but decided it was going to be too expensive so they just stuck a giant and not-very-bobbly head on it.  Yikes-ee.

Even though I was horrified, I’m now probably going to be compelled to go to five more Monday games so I can collect all six.

 The game presentation had a new feature that I thought was fun.  You can text a message to the Jumbotron, essentially.  You send your text message to a number and they post it on the crawl on the scoreboard.  The only problem is that none of mine went through.  I started with a plain, “Go Bouch!”  Then I thought it’d be fun to see if they’d put up my blog URL, but I wasn’t surprised they didn’t.  Lastly, I tried to shout out to the Untypical Girls, Cat and Caitlin, but that didn’t go through, either. Shout out to y’all anyway! My lovely sister sent a message from home for me, though. So it was fun.


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Dallas 2, San Jose 4

The Stars start out well this time, but the game steps off the curb halfway through the third period. I saw the game in person from some pretty good seats (always keeping an eye out for potential season ticket seats). The boys started out fairly well, with some energy and some control. Mike Ribeiro scores again early in the first, but the Sharks reply with a wraparound that surprises Marty Turco. At one point in the first period, Ribeiro is skating in and out and around all the Sharks and somebody near me yells, “Look at him!” We Stars fans aren’t used to that kind of puck-handling.

Steve Bernier knocks over Sergei Zubov behind the net and that does not sit well with Brenden Morrow. He goes right over to him and picks a fight. They both take off their visors first, then there are a few punches before they both go down to the ice. You can smash into Boucher and Robidas and Morrow all you want, but don’t touch Mo and Zubie. This is one of the things I love about hockey.  I always wanted an older brother – one that would come running whenever I said somebody was bothering me.  If I said my boyfriend was mean to me, my mythical big brother would find him and stomp him. That’s the feeling I get from hockey players.  If a big guy like Boucher is getting bothered, a little guy like Robie will zoom over and stand between them to defend Boucher. And if someone is trying to get to Nik Hagman, Boucher will race over and drag the guy off his skates. Trevor Daley has been kicked out of games before because he didn’t appreciate an opponent’s attitude toward Zubov.


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Matt, over at the great Battle of Alberta, has a really good post about the reasons the central decision to make Reebok the sole provider of NHL uniforms is a bad idea all around.

I really couldn’t agree more.

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Dallas 5, Phoenix 3

Okay, first of all, Jobing is pronounced joe-bing. If you want it pronounced jaw-bing, like jobs, it should be spelled Jobbing. I don’t know how an entire company can be based on a misspelled word, and then be allowed to plaster it all over an arena. I’m so glad I’m not a Coyotes fan. The arena name alone would drive me to another team.

It was a very well-execute game with goals from Zubov, Lehtinen, Modano, Hagman, Ribeiro. I love all those guys! I don’t want to get too encouraged by a fairly dominating win against Phoenix, but it’s not like they’re 0-10. They’ve won a few games.

I watched the game twice: once on HDNet and once on the Stars broadcast with Ralph and Razor. Is this a great country or what?

The big news from the team before this game was that Mike Modano had been moved to the fourth line. (more…)

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My dog ate my homework.

WordPress ate my post. I just finished writing up a whole post about last night’s game, with links and everything, and then hit the “Publish” button and the whole thing disappeared into the ether.

The gist of it was that they lost to the Kings and my cheap-crap DirecTV DVR, which is not TiVo, decided to act up throughout the game. So, you’re probably better off not having to read it.

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Zubov is destined.


Dan Rosen on NHL.com asked Sergei Zubov what he thought of his chances of getting into the NHL Hall of Fame

The silence didn’t last long, but it was telling.
Sergei Zubov didn’t know what to say, didn’t know how to react.

The answer to this one question is something the Russian-born, Dallas Stars defenseman admittedly has never, not once in his 15-year NHL career, pondered. He was so thrown off, in fact, that this veteran of countless media inquiries actually staggered.

“Do you ever think about the Hall of Fame?” was the question.

“Uh, not really,” was Zubov’s answer. “I don’t know. It’s really hard to think about that kind of stuff. I’ll be honest, I never thought about it. I’ll say it again, it’s really hard to think about that kind of stuff.”

I can certainly picture that reaction.  Zubov does not like to talk about himself and he seems very uncomfortable when somebody else does.  He has had a brilliant career so far and still has some great years left in him.  He has been nominated for a Norris Trophy only once.   All during the ’05-’06 season, the Stars (especially Ralph and Razor) openly campaigned to get him nominated, and I think it started to actually irk him.  He didn’t seem to like people talking about him so much. 

On the other hand, from what I’ve seen in practices, he can be downright silly.

Love that guy.

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Dallas 3, Anaheim 1

I have a bad habit of rambling on about hockey with friends and family who could not care less about hockey.  So I make a conscious (yet futile) effort to pretend I have more to offer a conversation than reasons everyone would love watching the Stars if they just gave them a chance. 

So, when my lovely sister stopped for the night on her way home from taking the kids to see Grandma, I was planning to pretend there were no games on and watch it on TiVo after everybody had gone to bed. But she had other plans.  Somehow, she found out there was a game on and actually insisted on watching it!  I think my plan is working!

Once all the adorable nephews were all settled on other stuff to do (I will have to work on them later), we watched the game together.  She lives up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is about as far-removed from hockey as a person can get and still have heard of it, so she keeps an eye on the scores and hears when the Stars do well and everything, but has watched very few games in her time.  I think this was the first time she had seen a game with an actual fight.  She was fairly surprised at how that went: “You mean the referees just let them fight?!”   I am guessing that she knew there was fighting, but assumed the refs would jump in as soon as it started.  

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