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morrow-roster.jpgEvery Thursday afternoon around 2pm, BaD Radio talks to Brenden Morrow for a few minutes (it’s pretty much the extent of hockey talk in this town). If you’re living outside the Metroplex, you can listen online at theticket.com. As proof that The Ticket is just humoring the Stars, they spent most of the time asking Brenden how great he thought the Cowboys are. “Aren’t they great?” was the gist of it.

On this week’s show, Bob asked Brenden for a non-politically-correct assessment of Sean Avery. Brenden paused and said that Avery and Brett Hull are friends, so now that Hull is in management he can’t say what he really thinks. (I didn’t know this, but, apparently, Brett Hull put Sean Avery up in his garage apartment or something, when Avery first came into the league with Detroit. Still, surely Hull knows by now what a prick he is.)

After Morrow was gone, Bob laughed about how Morrow couldn’t say anything, “in case Brett Hull acquires him or something.” I’m sure all the color drained from my face, because that is a frightening thought.         (more…)


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Dallas 2, New Jersey 4

As I predicted, I’m all panicky now because they lost. I know it’s only one game out of nine that they didn’t get a point in. I should still be happy, right? It makes me really nervous. I wish they’d just win the dang Stanley Cup and get it over with so they can cling to the current players until they’re way past their prime and I can stop worrying about who will get traded.

I don’t think they played a bad game. It appeared to me that the New Jersey Devils came out a little slow and the Stars took advantage in the first period. Yes, Marty Brodeur gave up two comical goals, but the Stars were essentially in charge at first.

But in the second and third, while the Devils picked their game up in a big way, the Stars still seemed to think they were playing the first-period Devils. They just swarmed the defense the rest of the game. Zubov got caught being too patient a couple of times, and Ribeiro was attacked behind the net more than he’s used to. I think it was more what the Devils did late in the game than what the Stars didn’t do. I give a lot of credit to New Jersey for taking it over, rather than blame Dallas for coughing it up. There’s a (slight) difference.


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Dallas 3, New York (Islanders) 2 (OT) 

Another good game where they started out scary, then got better. The first period made me think to myself: This might be the one we lose. But I wasn’t convinced, because even when they’re passing directly to the opposition or being “patient” until a defender comes and takes the puck away, they still have that aura of a team that’s about to win a game.

I’m just going to make a list of things here instead of trying to be all journalist-y and working them into a coherent article.

–The sound on the broadcast was atrocious. I thought maybe they were using the Islanders’ microphones and for all I know, that’s how the Islanders do it. We haven’t been to their arena in 20 years, it seems, so who knows what those New Yorkers like? But I watched a little of the replay of the Islanders broadcast later last night and their sound was very clean.

I will give the sound guys a pass if they just didn’t do it right last night, but if they’re trying something new, I need to find them and tell them that they need to stop that. The sound of a game on TV is sacred. You should not mess with it. It sounded like they had one of those motion-sensor mics behind the nets like the ones ESPN uses at home plate in their baseball broadcasts that gets louder when the pitch crosses the plate. I hate that mic. I can’t watch baseball on national TV for that reason. I guess the point would be to highlight the sound near the goals, but it just ends up being a loud roar that comes and goes. I don’t think they’re going to be able to get the sound of the puck hitting the net. It’s a NET. It barely makes a sound. And we can already hear when the puck hits a post, and the skating behind the net shouldn’t sound different from any of the other skating. And all of the ice sound shouldn’t be louder than the broadcasters. Let’s just hope some of their mics were messed up or something. Did anybody else notice this?


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Dallas 3, New York (Rangers) 2

They did it again!  They won!  I don’t think the Stars had a five-game win streak all of last season.  Now they have one and it is entirely possible that it continues.  I’m not predicting it, though, because it’ll just jinx them.

The Stars started out with some turnovers and some struggling to get out of their own zone.  It wasn’t looking too good for a while.  But even though the Rangers got the first goal, they didn’t give up.  They got better and better as the game went on and came out in the third looking a lot more like they’ve been looking lately. 

Mike Smith was great.  He is really proving that he wasn’t a rookie fluke last season.  The Rangers had 32 shots on the board at the end of the second period, compared to our 8 (the box score seems to have been adjusted a little from the jumbotron numbers).  Yet the score was 2-2.  By the way, Smitty is looking darn good after he got that gap in his teeth fixed.  I usually don’t mind that gap, since I had one, too, before I had braces.  But he does look much better, much prettier.  Not really sold on the mustache, but what can you do?  Also, Smitty really knows how to wear some UnderArmour. 

(Razor gave him a hard time about the mustache on the postgame interview.  I’d post a link, but they don’t have the video up yet.) 

Update: Here’s the post-game interview with Mike Smith.


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Onion Sports.

Onion Sports has a nice writeup about about Modano.  Being mentioned by The Onion is a big feather in Mo’s cap.

According to the Onion, here are Mike Modano’s strengths and weaknesses.

Note: As part of my therapy, I’m posting it despite the glaring typo in the graphic.

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Tribute NightMike Modano Tribute Night was on Wednesday night and it was a lovely ceremony. As usual, the Dallas Stars organization did a fine job.

When Mike’s parents were introduced, and as he was hugging them, he broke down into tears.  It was so sweet and so moving.   I still get misty just thinking about it, days later.

Modano, 37, started to cry when his mom Karen and dad Mike Sr. were introduced. He said just looking in their eyes took him back to a time when his mom donned pads and stopped shots for him.

“I tore up some walls back in the day down in the basement,” he said. “She had some street pads and an old tin garbage can lid. She has the bruises on the shins to prove it.”

Modano said he was overcome when the memories came flooding back.

“When they came out, I started thinking about those days growing up in Detroit and getting up at 5 in the morning to practice, and traveling to Chicago and Toronto and Quebec and New York and New England, just on and on,” Modano said. “Every weekend, we were somewhere. Just load up the truck and go. They put a lot of miles in for all of that, so you kind of think about that and try to thank them as much as you can.

“I’m glad they were here to share it,” he added. “It meant a lot to have them here.”

When I first became a Stars fan, I thought I was too cool to just pick the default favorite.  Everybody’s favorite is Mike Modano, after all – I’ll pick a less obvious guy.  But it’s really hard not to love him.  He’s honest, he’s emotional, he’s pretty, and he’s a great hockey player by any measure.        (more…)

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And not for the reasons you might think. Sure, last season we did pretty well against them, but this season we’re having a little trouble.

No, the reason I look forward to the games is because RudyKelly over at Battle of California always has a hilarious pre-game post.

He cracks me up every time. You know, now that I think about it, I like it when anybody plays the Kings.

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