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Dallas 3, Anaheim 4

First of all, I have to say something about Mike Ribeiro. Now, I love Ribs. I think he’s a great player and he brings a ton to the Stars. He makes his linemates better and he’s not afraid to hit or get hit and he does some wild stuff with the puck. But he needs to straighten up and get rid of that chaw. Dipping is disgusting, dangerous, stupid, and he shouldn’t be setting that kind of example for his young fans. Or his young (adorable) kids, for that matter.

This is 2009. And it’s the big city, for Pete’s sake. It’s not the backwoods in 1955. Spit that crap out, Ribs.

So anyway. That game blew.

I don’t know what to say. There was some good work, some turnovers, some good pressure, some mistakes, a nice comeback, then a third-period meltdown. Up, down, up, down, up, down. It’s making me woozy.

I’m a little worried about James Neal. His confidence seems to be waning, and that one mistake that led to a goal is not going to help. It’s a rookie mistake, but he’s a rookie, so he shouldn’t let it throw him off.



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Dallas 1, St. Louis 3

Goal posts, Stars coach Dave Tippett stated Thursday night, .are not goals

Five shots hit the post in this game. That’s how it’s going right now.

For some reason, we suddenly can’t score. The last two games, the Stars have spent the majority of the game in the opponent’s zone just machine-gunning pucks at their net. Yet we get one goal in each.

I think we might have spent too many in that 10-2 game against the Rangers. A few of those goals might have been meant for the Sharks game and the Blues game. Now that we’re back to even, maybe they’ll start scoring again.

I’m glad Winchester’s gone. It was pretty sorry the way he treated Mike Modano. He pushed him into his own goalie, then climbed on top of him and started punching him in the head. I’m sure Modano was stunned. I know I was.

Not a classy move. And by the way, why wasn’t he yanked off by the collar of his shirt by one of Mo’s teammates? For all we know they were all changing or something, but we only got the closeup of the altercation.

That was another disappointing game, made more disappointing because they played pretty well. We’re not out of it yet, but if we don’t get some goals pretty soon, we will be.

Maybe Steve Bégin can help us.

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I’m sure he’s never heard that joke before. Actually, he may not have. That song is from the 30’s and he’s barely 30. Plus, it’s not funny.

I think I’m really going to like Steve Begin. In his first interview, he totally gave me a shoutout! He said he loves Penalty Killing!

Actually, his quote was, “I play a simple game, up and down, and I try and bring a lot of energy. I am a defensive player, I enjoy working on the PK.”

Same thing, though. Right?

I think we all know how much I love defensive forwards. And how much I love a guy that can kill penalties. And how much I love foxy players with French accents.

He’s going to have to try hard to make me not like him.

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Dallas 0, San Jose 1
Dallas 1, Chicago 3

BradG, in the comments section of Mike Heika’s post about Toby Petersen’s broken foot, explains it all:

The hockey gods called.

They said, “Even if we have to injure every single Dallas Star, you’re not making the playoffs this year.”

During the Chicago game, when the Stars were meandering around and not really doing much, Razor kept saying that they’re just not as good as the Blackhawks. I am not ready to debate that right now. I don’t like to think that that’s true, because I am used to the ‘Hawks being terrible. I see that they’re not terrible any more. I see that they’re legitimate this season.

But I’m not ready to say that we’re not as good as they are.

Now, the Sharks? We might not be as good as they are.

We are limping along with a team made up mostly of recently ex-AHL players. Bob Sturm was making this point on BaD Radio today, and I think it’s a good one. These are pretty good players, most have the potential to be great, but half the team was in the minors this season or last season. Several were in the minors a month ago.

Now that Petersen is injured, we’re really low on centers. I guess it’s a good thing our centers are the ones being injured, because we have a lot of them. But even with our big pile, we’re running out.

I took my friend Chris (in Allen) to the Chicago game and we had a great time (except for the score). I have a hard time seeing what’s really going on in a game I’m seeing live. (more…)

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Dallas 4, Edmonton 2

I used to be much more observant that I seem to be lately. I didn’t even realize until I read it in Richard Durrett’s post on Heika’s blog this morning that Steve Ott was wearing an “A” on his sweater.

Ott said he came in and it was [sewn] on his jersey.

“It’s a big honor to wear a letter for your team and I am very proud to have that ‘A’ on my chest,” said Ott

I got an immediate mental picture of Ott in the dressing room, clutching his jersey to his chest as his eyes well up with tears.

Ott has a chance to wear the “A” as an alternate captain because Brad Richards can’t do it for a while. In hockey, the “A” is pretty important, especially to a guy like Ott who is working hard to be a leader on the team in the absence of Brenden Morrow and Sergei Zubov and now Richards.

To me, this is just more of Dave Tippett’s genius. Tipp knows what works for each of his players. This season he has uncharacteristically called out Richards a couple of times in post-game interviews and Brad responded by going on scoring streaks.


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Iron man.

I found this sentence in Mike Heika’s article about Brad Richards’ injury to be pretty impressive.

In the 629 regular-season games his NHL teams have played, Richards has dressed for 619 of them.

He’s missed 10 games in his entire career up until now. Poor guy probably has no idea what he’s going to do for five weeks with a cast on his arm.

This is Brad’s 8th season in the NHL and before he came to Dallas at the trade deadline last season, he had missed two games in his whole career. The other 8 games he missed were at the end of last season. He had been playing while he had mono in Tampa Bay.

He’s going to be missed, that’s for sure.

My advice for him is to be very careful with what he uses to scratch under his cast.

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Dallas 3, Columbus 2 (SO)

I’m getting to be continuing to be a slacker when it comes to recaps. You can’t accuse me of just avoiding the losses, though. I’ve skipped a few great wins, too. That’s how lazy I am.

The Columbus game last night was pretty exciting. Marty stopped 41 shots to keep us in the game. I’m not sure how we gave up that many shots. The second period was spent trying not to get scored on and we hardly spent any time in Columbus’ end. That’s probably part of it.

The Columbus goalie, Chris Steve Mason, stopped a few good chances, but that’s all the Stars had — a few.

Marty kept them in the game long enough to tie it, and then kept them tied until they got to the shootout. He was perfect in the shootout (although a couple of them stayed out on their own), and James Neal had a beautiful shot to win it.

Brad Richards got the first goal less than a minute into the game, which was good, but in the second period, was hit awkwardly from behind and appears to have injured his wrist.

The Stars have just confirmed what TSN was reporting last night. Brad’s wrist is broken and he’ll be out six to eight weeks.

This is a terrible blow. Terrible!

I feel awful for Brad. That has got to hurt, first of all. And it will be no fun for him if he’s out for a long time, after he’s finally become ingrained with the team. I imagine he is pissed.


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