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This losing streak is crazy. There’s no way they don’t get any more wins before the end of the season, but somehow I can’t picture it. I have forgotten what it’s like when they win. I’ve really forgotten what it’s like to expect them to win.

They get a bunch of great saves, lose 1-0. Get a bunch of great goals, lose 6-5.

They lose a guy a game. They barely have enough players to dress. The two kids they brought up, Jancevski and Stafford, had to be taken out of their playoffs.

I’m kind of looking forward to the summer. See who we get in the draft, with our shiny first-round pick. Maybe I should start reading up on who is available.

Tonight, against the Kings, I’m looking for small victories. We aren’t going to make the playoffs, but a rare win against the Kings would be nice. After all that good we did by beating Detroit 3 out of 4 times, we kind of wasted it by losing to everybody else.

Come on, boys. Let’s win one for Tipp.


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Drop the puck already!

Drop the puck already!

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

There’s nothing, really, that we can do now about this nightmare of a season, so my plan for the last nine games is to enjoy watching them, no matter what.

I’m going to pretend it’s early October and none of these games will have any bearing on whether we make the playoffs. I’m going to enjoy watching the boys skate and compete and just play hockey in general, because it’s almost over. In July I’ll be wishing for any hockey, good or bad.

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Come back!

Come back!

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Pierre LeBrun on ESPN.com talked to Brad about his new freak injury. (Thanks to Mark at Andrew’s for the link.)

After Brad broke his wrist (the first one), I checked with my brother-in-law, the chiropractor (in Tulsa), to see if he had any advice on healing broken bones. By the time I got around to posting about it, he was back.

Now that he’s broken another bone, and just in case he hasn’t tried it, my brother-in-law, the chiropractor (in Tulsa), suggests Bone Up to help the break heal faster.

If anybody knows Brad or anybody on the medical staff, could you pass that along for me?

Although we’re not really in as big a hurry now.

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I’ve been kind of a long-distance fan of Ilya Kovalchuk since he was in the first NHL Draft I ever watched on TV. He’s not bad.

NOTE: Of course I have no idea what his contract situation is, and I can imagine even if he were free, his demands would be pretty high. So you don’t have to tell me we can’t have him. I already assume that.

(Also, I don’t know if you noticed, but he appears to be happy when he scores. I’ve been given the impression there’s only one player in the league that really enjoys scoring goals.)

Hat tip to The Triple Deke.

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Dallas 2, San Jose 5

I’m not going to ask what’s next, because I always get an answer. And I never like it.

Today’s game was the triumphant return of Brad Richards, a week earlier than the low-end of the prognosis.

Then halfway through the game, he BREAKS HIS OTHER HAND. He broke! his other! hand! What in the world is going on here?

This poor team cannot catch a break. The one bright spot was the impending return of Richards, who was going to straighten out the power play. Maybe get a pass through to a winger once in a while. It was gonna be great.

They even started the game really well. They were all over the Sharks, and even scored first — Loui Eriksson had the fancy wraparound goal. But as soon as the Sharks got the tying goal, they got another one.

In the second, the Stars picked it up again, but the Sharks got two quick ones again.


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Dallas 1, Calgary 2

They tried, they just didn’t win.

Mike Modano and Steve Bégin were out with lower- and upper-body injuries, respectively.

Early in the pre-game show, they were saying Mo was a healthy scratch, but the official word was a lower-body injury, day-to-day. If he really is just sitting out because he’s worn out, it’s classy of the Stars to call it an injury and not a healthy scratch. He deserves that.

Hopefully, whatever it is, the next two days will be time enough to get over it. Bégin is probably woozy from the elbow to the face he got in Vancouver.

On top of those injuries, Brian Sutherby leaves the game early! We have a ton of centers, yet we’ve burned through all of them! Ribeiro is our last one and he’s probably just going to collapse from exhaustion.

The Stars didn’t really play poorly at all. The defense blocked a lot of shots and generally kept everybody off Turco. Mark Fistric made his signature move on Ollie Jokinen and just pushed him down. He’s been doing well since he came back up. I love seeing him just casually push people down when they get too close to Marty.


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