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I never check ESPN anymore. It’s no place to go for anything related to hockey.

But through my favorite Coyotes blog, Five For Howling, I found this nice little feature on Dave Tippett and his staff and how they run the Phoenix Coyotes.

Tipp never sways from the working-as-a-team theme, even with the coaches.


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I wonder if Marty has a purple Sharpie in his cubicle.

Marty Turco is in a bad spot right now and I feel terrible for him. A lot of it is because I got laid off last week and now I’m hyper-sympathetic to people who are being kicked to the curb.

Sure, Marty’s got more of a nest egg than I do, so he’ll be fine, bill-paying-wise, but it’s still no fun being told you’re not needed any more. And it’s got to be even worse for him since he’s hearing it while he’s still here. At least my former company kept their disdain a secret right up until the last minute.

I like Marty and I always have. I have long assumed that he’s going to win a Cup for some lucky team and I wanted it to be the Stars. He’s bounced back before from slumps and he’s proven that he’s an elite goaltender, even in the playoffs.

Last season I gave him, because everybody had a bad season last season, not just him. I mean, everybody.

This season was when he was supposed to put all that stuff from ’08-’09 behind him and show what he’s really like, but he just hasn’t done it. (more…)

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It’s funny because it’s true.

Razor hit the nail (Stars fans) right on the head.

Funny joke from an exacerbated former goaltender/analyst:

How many Stars fans does it take to change a light bulb?


One to change the light bulb, and three to stand around and talk about how great the old bulb was back in the late 90s.

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I’ve been collecting notes and opinions and rants for the last week or so, but I just haven’t had time to post any of them. Every new one kind of negates the previous one, even though I still want to rant about the previous one.

I was all in a tizzy about Crawford and his insistence on cramming square pegs into round holes without even attempting to shape the pegs a little first. And I kind of freaked out about how he decided to put Jamie Benn at center even though he’s never played the position and even though Mike Modano could use some more minutes.

I also was highly comforted by Mike Heika’s explanation of why Nik Hagman was allowed to leave in free agency and I wanted to remind you all that I miss Nik Hagman. In case you forgot.

And DO NOT get me started on Marty Turco. Believe me. I had pages and pages of rants about that. Let’s just say that I’m glad Alex Auld is getting a few games. I’ll come back to Turco later, maybe.

So, while I was seething all week about the Stars troubles, they went and pulled out a couple of wins. So I’m much calmer.


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Gosh. Poor Mike Ribeiro, as you have probably heard, suffered a frightening injury in last night’s humiliating game against the Rangers. A Rangers player inadvertently speared him in the Adam’s apple with his stick.

He was originally checked out and released, I heard, then apparently had some swelling and difficulty breathing so he was taken back to the hospital where they performed a “procedure,” which included a tracheotomy!

A cracked trachea is nothing to sneeze at. He will be out 4-6 weeks, although I’m sure they’re just guessing on that. It’s probably not a common hockey injury so they probably don’t have a lot of history to go by.

His absence should give Mike Modano and Tom Wandell some extra ice time, which will be good for them. But as much as I whine about Ribeiro’s individual shifts, he is important to the team. On the other hand, Crawford is already just grasping at straws, so that won’t be much of a change.

I hope Ribs gets well soon. That is a scary injury and I’m sure it freaked him out. It gives me a shudder just to think about it.

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In Mike Heika’s article:

Somebody’s got to figure out something. We’ve got to do something different … it’s not working.

–Brad Richards

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I think I’m starting to get a bead on what the Stars really are. They’re, um, not very good.

It’s strange that Morrow and Turco and Richards and Ribeiro and Modano and Eriksson and all the rest are suddenly not very good. Last season was bad because of all the injuries, but I’m convinced that a lot of the Stars’ problems this season come back to coaching.

There have been too many games where Crawford claims they did everything right but just couldn’t win. That smacks of a bad plan.

Installing a system that the team isn’t built for is a recipe for failure. If they’re planning to adjust the personnel once they’re allowed to spend money, that’s fine. But in the meantime, maybe they could play a kind of hockey they’re good at. Just to tide themselves over.

Lately, the few wins we’ve had have hinged on some spectacularly bad luck for the opposition. The wins against the Ducks had comical goals — the kind that the Ducks could legitimately laugh off as fluky. That’s how we win now.

If we have to rely on flukes in our favor, that’s not good.


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