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Alex Goligoski

Even though the season has already started, I’m going to run down all our new guys as I continue to update my categories. I don’t think anybody’s really surprised that I didn’t get this done in the summer, right?

Anyway. Let’s start with…

Alex Goligoski: (I’m even later on him than everybody else, aren’t I?) Joe Nieuwendyk traded little Matty Niskanen and James Neal to the Penguins for Goligoski.

Even at the time, I could understand why Niskanen and Neal had to go. You can’t get somebody like Goligoski without trading the likes of those two. I liked both of those kids, but I also really, really like Goligoski.

He had a head start on the other new guys because he came over midway through last season, and this season he’ll be able to start at the beginning, knowing what goes on and what the team is like. He’s an offensive defenseman and he appears to be very good at it. I tend to lament the lack of credit that defensive defensemen get, because they’re my favorite kind, and therefore I underrate the offensive types sometimes.



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