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The latest in the long string of the Stars’ fantasy-team moves:

B.J. Crombeen is picked up off waivers by the St. Louis Blues.

One of our most promising rookies, one of the kids that, along with James Neal, was rejuvenating Modano’s game, just given away. For free.

Good job, GMs.


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Dallas 6, Nashville 4

What a game. I imagine Fabian Brunnstrom is saying the same thing to himself. Over and over for hours and hours.

The new guy looked pretty good, didn’t he? I was thrilled that he got his first NHL goal in his first NHL game. We’ve had a rash of them lately. First Loui Eriksson became the 3rd player in Stars history to do it, then James Neal did it in game 1 of this season, and now Fabian has done it.

Then, he got another goal! Two goals in his first game, that’s pretty impressive! He’s really living up to the hype, I thought.

I chuckled to myself that Ralph and Razor had jinxed him by mentioning hat tricks, as if there were any WAY a kid could have scored a hat trick in his first NHL game.

And then he did it. Fabian Brunnstrom, the highly-touted, late-blooming, Swedish phenom that chose Dallas over some 15 other teams this summer, but that some thought might be overrated, scored a HAT TRICK in his first-ever NHL game! Unbelievable.

Before the game, Dave Tippett was careful to manage expectations. I’m sure he was hoping to keep the poor kid from getting battered by critics if he ended up with no goals in his first game.

“The first game he plays isn’t going to match a year’s hype. That’s not reality,” Tippett said. “He’s got to get in, get up to speed and he’ll continue to improve. Where he is now versus where he is at game 20, at game 40 or at game 80 will be much different.”


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Why I oughta...

Why, I oughta...

(AP Photo/Bill Waugh)

Dallas 1, Nashville 3

Sean Avery, the guy we brought in to agitate and play on the edge and stir things up, got two game misconducts. In the second game of the season. He’s on pace for 82 game misconducts. Good job.

Seriously, though. He can’t have any more all season without getting suspended. Either he’ll be suspended a lot or he’ll have to rein in his big selling point.

To be fair, that wasn’t the problem with the game. Avery was kicked out early and the Stars went on to play a bad game.

They gave up the first goal in the first minute. They got it back when Trevor Daley scored a minute later. That’s Daley’s second goal in two games. (He’s on pace for 82 goals!) Both goals were very nice shots that are just a bit high and manage to miss about every player standing between him and the goalie. I think Bouche has been giving him pointers. Daley was one of the bright spots through the whole game.


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Dallas 5, Anaheim 2

I love Niklas Hagman.

I’m not going to let the fact that I say it all the time keep me from saying it again. I love that guy! He works so hard all the time and he’s so fast and so smart. And he’d still be great even he got half the offense, because he’s so good defensively. Another shorthanded goal for him, and Stu Barnes made the play. Great pass from Stuuuuuu.

Stephane Robidas got the first goal, a rare one for him, and it was served to him on a plate by Scott Neidermayer.  I’m sure that fact will be redacted from all game summaries, in order to preserve his reputation.

Robi’s goal was also rare in that it was a power-play goal. Todd Bertuzzi was on a 4-minute double minor penalty for whacking Steve Ott on the back, and then complaining about it, I guess. Players have swung their sticks worse than that and gotten suspended. I doubt Bertuzzi will, but I can’t believe he gets to two-hand somebody on the back and then just get a high-stick penalty. Maybe the “unsportsmanlike conduct” was because of the nature of the high stick.

Steve Ott is becoming our key player when we meet the Ducks.  It appears they all hate him.  In the first period there was a big scrum and several penalties came from it.  Otter was on the bench at the time, but he was still involved.  The camera caught him yelling, “Give ‘im a punch, Robi!  Give ‘im a punch!”


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Dallas 3, Columbus 1

The game against the Columbus Blue Jackets was not quite as well-played as the Sharks game.  The Stars ended up with 14 shots to the Blue Jackets’ 30.

Obviously, Mike Smith stole the game for us. When we got the second goal in the second period, the shots were 14-5 in favor of the Blue Jackets, yet the score was 2-0 in favor of the Stars. Smitty was very good. He played the puck often and well. Several times he got the puck as it was dumped in and acted like he was going to give it to the nearest defenseman as the Columbus forwards loped in, but then he lobbed it over everybody’s head to a forward at the far blue line.

The Stars were on the good side of the type of game where one team spends the whole time in the other team’s end, then the other team gets a steal and scores. Then goes back to being trapped in their own zone for whole periods. That was us. The “other” team. We spent all our time trying and failing to get out of our own zone, except for the odd escape where we scored.

Not that the goals weren’t pretty. Antti Miettinen made a bee-yoo-tiful pass from the back corner of the net around front to Brenden Morrow. He started around the net but faked and passed it behind himself to Morrow, who shot it. He had to get a certain amount of English on it and curved it just right.


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