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I guess it’s time to update my category list and move a bunch of players around. And coaches, too! Don’t forget coaches.

First of all, I’d like to say that I was shocked and saddened by the news of the plane crash carrying the KHL team Lokomotiv. I was already going to miss Karlis Skrastins and now I get all teary whenever he’s mentioned. It’s very sad. I really liked him while he was playing with the Stars. He was underappreciated, I thought. I’m a big fan of responsible, dedicated, unsung but important defensemen. They’re getting fewer and fewer these days. The defensemen that really should be forwards get all the press these days, but those like Skrastins are the ones that get the job done. From all accounts he was the nicest guy in the world and we’re going to miss him. We were going to miss him anyway.

On to less serious topics.



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Dallas 3, Colorado 5

They played a pretty good game. Had a lot of shots. Didn’t give up many shots. Yet the opposition still scored five goals.

Five goals a game. That’s the theme of this whole season.

I just have two questions:

1. Why was Sutherby scratched in favor of Barch?
2. Why did Mike Modano only get 8 minutes when he was doing so well in the first?

My guess? Crawford doesn’t know what he’s doing.

There was no way that the Stars were suddenly going to win a bunch of games in a row so it’s really silly to even contemplate it. The surprise was right before the Olympics when they were only one point out of the 8th spot in the standings. That fact was not an indication of the situation. Then, coming off the Olympic break, they went back to not surprising us.

I’m not looking forward to the day Turco moves on, but I am kind of looking forward to it. I know that sounds wrong but that’s the way it is. The problem is that I don’t know what we have with Lehtonen, but I don’t see Turco straightening out.

I think we’ll be a mediocre team while Crawford is leading it. I’m gonna go watch the Coyotes.

Wait. One more thing. Jamie Benn had a great game. And so did the new kid, Brandon Segal. I’m sure Segal will be healthy scratched next game.

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Dallas 5, Chicago 4

That’s the only reason I’m condescending to write about it. Otherwise, I’d still be holding out for a streak of some kind. I’ve run out of W-L-W-L jokes.

A day before the game, I was pretty optimistic because they had lost the previous game and that means a win. But then I started thinking about how good the Chicago Blackhawks are these days and by the time the game started I assumed they’d lose.  I should have gone with my first instinct.

The first period was pretty impressive by the ‘Hawks.  Most of the way through it I was pretty impressed by the Stars for not being down by 5 or 6 goals.  The Stars actually took the lead, even though they had already given up 20 shots.

Mike Modano opened the scoring with that cool same-leg shot he breaks out every once in a while.  I think it’s one of my favorite moves.  Here’s my opinion: the reason Modano does so well these days on the power play is because he has somebody other than Krys Barch to pass it to him.  I’m sure Barch is a nice guy, but I think at the very least, Brian Sutherby should playing on the 4th line, if Modano has to stay there.  If he’s only going to play for 5 minutes, why isn’t Sutherby playing?  He can fight if need be.  Just because he doesn’t have fights scheduled for weeks ahead of time, doesn’t mean he won’t fight.

Obviously Modano should be on a higher line, but I agree that Wandell is pushing his way up there. It’s not really that Modano is dropping as much as Wandell is climbing.  But Modano needs somebody that can catch and/or make a decent pass.  I think Sutherby is better for that.  Heck, if they’re too full of defensemen, Fistric could be one of Modano’s wingers.


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It’s more like that stretch of I-635 between I-35E and the airport. Just kind of wavy.

After that nice win against Vancouver, we lost to the Minnesota Wild after giving up two goals to them in the first, the battling back, only to give up a third. Then Minnesota hung on to win.

Then we went to meet up with the league-leading San Jose Sharks and tried to do the same thing. It was only slightly different, in that we waited until the second period to give up 2 goals, and the third period to fight back to a tie. If we’re going to insist on doing it that way, I think the Sharks game version is better. It gives the opposition less time to go ahead again.

This time, though, we did the impossible and won in the shootout. Marty Turco was brilliant in the shootout, like he used to be in the old days. Crawford kept his promise and picked some new guys for the shootout this time. He kept James Neal, who hit the post for the third time this season. He needs to adjust the sight on his stick, I think.

The genius move, though, was calling on Stéphane Robidas. Robi skated in and just straight-on roofed it. No dekes for him. That won the game for us and got a huge cheer from me.


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Dallas 1, Calgary 2

They tried, they just didn’t win.

Mike Modano and Steve Bégin were out with lower- and upper-body injuries, respectively.

Early in the pre-game show, they were saying Mo was a healthy scratch, but the official word was a lower-body injury, day-to-day. If he really is just sitting out because he’s worn out, it’s classy of the Stars to call it an injury and not a healthy scratch. He deserves that.

Hopefully, whatever it is, the next two days will be time enough to get over it. Bégin is probably woozy from the elbow to the face he got in Vancouver.

On top of those injuries, Brian Sutherby leaves the game early! We have a ton of centers, yet we’ve burned through all of them! Ribeiro is our last one and he’s probably just going to collapse from exhaustion.

The Stars didn’t really play poorly at all. The defense blocked a lot of shots and generally kept everybody off Turco. Mark Fistric made his signature move on Ollie Jokinen and just pushed him down. He’s been doing well since he came back up. I love seeing him just casually push people down when they get too close to Marty.


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Dallas 4, San Jose 1

If anybody’s looking for any sympathy from anybody for players not being in the lineup, it won’t come from our team.

Dave Tippett, when a reporter insinuates they got a break because Nabokov was out of the Sharks’ lineup.

Our boys won that one fair and square.

The Stars did everything right. The Sharks could not get anything going. Razor was pretty well horrified by the way the Sharks were playing. Usually he’s horrified by the Stars.

James Neal, with two goals, gets a little shot of confidence. Brunnstrom does, too. He centered Neal and Sutherby and that line was great. They got two goals (Neal and Sutherby) and Brunnstrom got two assists. He had a really high-energy and well-played game. He made some steals and he kept a few plays going when they looked like they were over.


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Dallas 4, Nashville 1

Before I start on the Preds game, I just want to talk a little about the game against the Rangers. I’m still stunned by that game.

I’m still giddy. I misspent a lot of time over the weekend reading Rangers blogs and comment threads and a message board or two. I actually started to kind of feel sorry for them. Rangers fans are NOT happy with their team. Or their coach. Or their manager or their owner.

The Rangers are supposedly interested in picking up Sean Avery off re-entry waivers once he gets through all the steps. Don’t forget, they won blah blah games more when he was in the lineup than when he wasn’t. Nobody has any other stat than that. Doesn’t that tell you something? For one thing, he has no other stats to speak of.

Anyway, I was cracking myself up thinking that the Stars were inspired to pound the Rangers so they’d be even more inclined to get Avery. Maybe pick him up off the first waivers and take his whole contract. The “experts” seem to think the Rangers could use a “spark.”

The Rangers were awful Friday night. They lost interest in the game after that 4th goal where Ribeiro just sidled up to the net and whipped it right in. To be honest, I would have, too.

The arena was wild.

You might have been able to understand if the Stars didn’t do so well against the Preds. It was their third game in four days and there was the possibility of a crash off that high of scoring 10 goals.

But while they might have seemed a little sluggish (I didn’t notice it), they still won.

When Sutherby got the shorthander five minutes in, I knew it was going to be okay. Brian Sutherby is turning out to be a really good pickup. He’s caught up now, it seems, and he’s really chipping in, both with offense and with energy.

The penalty killing is improving and the power play is really doing well lately. They got a shorthander, a power play goal, an even-strength goal, and an empty netter. The only goal missing was a penalty shot.

Okay, who’s next?

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