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The Dallas Stars obviously want to break up with me, but I just can’t let that happen.

• They fired Doug Armstrong and hired nutty Brett Hull.
• They traded Jeff Halpern and Mike Smith.
• They let Nik Hagman just walk.
• They signed Sean Avery (admittedly, they almost got rid of me with that one).
• They traded my beloved Philippe Boucher for a bag of pucks Darryl Sydor.
• Instead of just firing Hull and letting Les Jackson take over, they demoted Jackson, too.
• They hired my original favorite player, Joe Nieuwendyk, to take over, which cannot end well favorite-player-wise.
• They fired my beloved coach, Dave Tippett.
• And if that weren’t bad enough, they hired Marc Crawford to replace him.

They’re obviously trying to get rid of me.

Well, it won’t work!



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Okay. Now that only one despicable team is left in the playoffs (leave it to the Ducks to fall asleep at the switch), it’s time for the Conference Finals.

It won’t be long before there’s no hockey left and I’m reduced to free-agent rumor obsession. But let’s not think about that right now.

There are four teams left, so there are starting to be gaps in the schedule where nobody is playing. And each night that does have a game is only going to have one game.

In the East, we have the Pittsburgh Penguins. Home of the great Sidney Crosby. Temporary (probably) home of the lovely Philippe Boucher. After infuriating me all season by scratching Bouche and foisting Darryl Sydor on us, they have won back my heart by vanquishing the Washington Capitals. Now we can bask in the greatness of Sid without all that pesky talk about Ovechkin all the time.

They’ll be playing the Carolina Hurricanes for the Eastern Conference title. I like the Hurricanes and it’s mainly left over from when they won their Cup back in 2006. (more…)

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Dallas 1, Calgary 2

They tried, they just didn’t win.

Mike Modano and Steve Bégin were out with lower- and upper-body injuries, respectively.

Early in the pre-game show, they were saying Mo was a healthy scratch, but the official word was a lower-body injury, day-to-day. If he really is just sitting out because he’s worn out, it’s classy of the Stars to call it an injury and not a healthy scratch. He deserves that.

Hopefully, whatever it is, the next two days will be time enough to get over it. Bégin is probably woozy from the elbow to the face he got in Vancouver.

On top of those injuries, Brian Sutherby leaves the game early! We have a ton of centers, yet we’ve burned through all of them! Ribeiro is our last one and he’s probably just going to collapse from exhaustion.

The Stars didn’t really play poorly at all. The defense blocked a lot of shots and generally kept everybody off Turco. Mark Fistric made his signature move on Ollie Jokinen and just pushed him down. He’s been doing well since he came back up. I love seeing him just casually push people down when they get too close to Marty.


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All the stink around here about Otter’s suspension and nobody seems to have a problem with this. Certainly not the National “We’re Cracking Down on Headshots” Hockey League.

Otter might be annoying, but he doesn’t use his fists to make a hit. That deserves a penalty. Plus a review resulting in a suspension. But if you’re a high-scoring superstar in this league, you don’t have to worry about that kind of thing. Must be nice.

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