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Dallas 3, Calgary 2 (OT)

Not in the face!

During the post-game show for the Canucks game the other night, Razor pointed out that teams that are coming home from long, successful road trips, tend to lose their first game back. He was right. That’s what the Flames did.

During this game in the third period, Razor, who had been marveling at Nik Hagman’s tenacious play the whole game, said, “Nik Hagman’s gonna get one here in a minute.” And it wasn’t even that long and Nik Hagman tied the game. It was amazing to see.

Razor really knows his stuff.

And you can’t go too long talking about amazing things without having to mention Mike Ribeiro. On his first shift, that Phaneuf guy (don’t get me started) hits Ribeiro hard and knocks him down (perfectly legally, I’m sure). Ribs bounces back up and finishes his shift, then when it’s his turn again, he comes out and scores one of his artistic, patient goals.

When he sees Morrow get the puck behind the goal, he comes flying off the boards to the middle and catches Morrow’s pass. Then he just skates slowly by Kiprusoff who can’t decide what to do so he lays down and Ribs pops it up over his leg.

Then the Flames get a couple of goals. Not sure how that happened. And then Hagman gets his to tie it in the third.

Then, in overtime, Zubov adds a little of his own genius to Ribeiro’s and they combine for the game-winner just a minute or so into the overtime period. Ribeiro is positioned in front of the net, just to the goalie’s left, with his stick out to the left. Zubov, from the point, fires a pass that hits Ribeiro’s stick in just the exact spot that sends the puck on almost a 90-degree angle right between Kipper’s legs. Un. Believable.

Not a bad road trip. Lost one, won three. San Jose lost again tonight, so they’re burning up some of their games in hand. I really hate it when Anaheim and San Jose play each other because I want them both to be routed. I don’t like having to pick a side. But until Anaheim catches up to the Sharks (which could be any day), I have to pick them. They’ve played each other a lot recently so maybe they’re almost done.

The Montreal Canadiens are up next.  Just about everybody that works for them now was here during the Stars’ Cup run in ’99.  If there’s anybody out there that doesn’t know, Brenden Morrow (Stars captain) is the son-in-law of Guy Carbonneau (Montreal head coach) (and essential cog in the machine that was the ’99 team).  Don’t anybody be nervous, now.  Brenden.


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