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Dallas 1, Calgary 2

They tried, they just didn’t win.

Mike Modano and Steve Bégin were out with lower- and upper-body injuries, respectively.

Early in the pre-game show, they were saying Mo was a healthy scratch, but the official word was a lower-body injury, day-to-day. If he really is just sitting out because he’s worn out, it’s classy of the Stars to call it an injury and not a healthy scratch. He deserves that.

Hopefully, whatever it is, the next two days will be time enough to get over it. Bégin is probably woozy from the elbow to the face he got in Vancouver.

On top of those injuries, Brian Sutherby leaves the game early! We have a ton of centers, yet we’ve burned through all of them! Ribeiro is our last one and he’s probably just going to collapse from exhaustion.

The Stars didn’t really play poorly at all. The defense blocked a lot of shots and generally kept everybody off Turco. Mark Fistric made his signature move on Ollie Jokinen and just pushed him down. He’s been doing well since he came back up. I love seeing him just casually push people down when they get too close to Marty.



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The Center comes back to help out.

The Center comes back to help out.

Dallas 5, Detroit 4 (OT)

Brad Richards makes subtle plays. Breaks up a pass here, pokes the puck off a stick there. Stuff that goes unheralded, but makes a huge difference.

Last night, in that thrilling OT win over the hated Red Wings, he saved a goal. At first, we thought Turco made a miraculous stick-save behind his back after sliding completely out of the net. Then Razor and Beninatti watched the slow motion replay and decided that Marian Hossa accidentally knocked it out himself.

They showed this play in their game highlights on TSN.ca and there was Brad Richards reaching in with his stick to yank Hossa’s out of the way. The reason Hossa tapped the puck away from the net was because Richards was there to pull his stick away.

That’s the kind of stuff he does. That’s what makes him a great player. That’s what makes him so valuable even when he’s not leading the whole team in scoring (and when he is, like now).


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Dallas 2, San Jose 1

Everybody has already talked about how disappointing Turco’s gaffe was and how, at the same time, the game was encouraging. It’s a pretty sad commentary when we’re happy with a game we lost, but that’s where we are right now.

So I’m saying that I’m pretty happy with that game. Turco may have lost it for us, but he almost won it for us. That’s new. These days, a game where we don’t give up five goals is a good game, and game that is 1-1 with 20 seconds left, against the League leader, is a good game.

Razor always says that the first thing you have to do when you’re in a deep hole is to stop digging. I am mildly encouraged that we might have finally stopped digging. That’s the first step. There are quite a few to go, but you can’t take the tenth step first. You have to take the first step first.

Turco looked like the old Turco. Even that last mistake is not completely out of character even when he’s on fire. He made some incredible stops and he handled the puck with a little more confidence (except for the last time). He had been holding onto the puck, indecisively, then handing it to a defenseman too late for the poor guy to do anything with it except cough it up. He seems to have cleaned that part up.

Lui Eriksson, again, led the way in effort, responsibility, and offense. Another thing Razor has said is that Eriksson is projected by the coaches and management to be Lehtinen-like and they appear to be correct about that.

He does not give up on a play, even if the other team has the puck.


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So let’s get some games going, for Pete’s sake.

This has been a long week. A long time to stew about what’s been going on. A long time to read articles and blog posts that lump our little Otter with the despicable Avery. Avery and Ott this. Avery and Ott that. It’s annoying.

But I’m learning to live with it. I still think that Otter, on his own, was already giving us all that Avery supposedly can give us. Now they’re competing to see who can get suspended first.

Otter may have been offended by Modano’s comments. Modano supposedly was talking just about the sparring with the fans and the refs, not the concept of agitating in general.

They’ve had time to work that all out now, during this painfully long week.

This five-day break could be just what the Stars need. They have had the last two games to seethe over for a while, then move past, then try to lighten up, and then try to tighten up. (See what I did there?)

When the game starts tomorrow night, a lot of things will be different. Our beloved Sergei Zubov will finally return. He has yet to play this season, but all indications are that he is fully up and running. He’ll bring several things with him: some calm, some fun, some smarts, and some confidence.


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