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Dallas 1, Calgary 2

They tried, they just didn’t win.

Mike Modano and Steve Bégin were out with lower- and upper-body injuries, respectively.

Early in the pre-game show, they were saying Mo was a healthy scratch, but the official word was a lower-body injury, day-to-day. If he really is just sitting out because he’s worn out, it’s classy of the Stars to call it an injury and not a healthy scratch. He deserves that.

Hopefully, whatever it is, the next two days will be time enough to get over it. Bégin is probably woozy from the elbow to the face he got in Vancouver.

On top of those injuries, Brian Sutherby leaves the game early! We have a ton of centers, yet we’ve burned through all of them! Ribeiro is our last one and he’s probably just going to collapse from exhaustion.

The Stars didn’t really play poorly at all. The defense blocked a lot of shots and generally kept everybody off Turco. Mark Fistric made his signature move on Ollie Jokinen and just pushed him down. He’s been doing well since he came back up. I love seeing him just casually push people down when they get too close to Marty.



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Dallas 1, St. Louis 3

Goal posts, Stars coach Dave Tippett stated Thursday night, .are not goals

Five shots hit the post in this game. That’s how it’s going right now.

For some reason, we suddenly can’t score. The last two games, the Stars have spent the majority of the game in the opponent’s zone just machine-gunning pucks at their net. Yet we get one goal in each.

I think we might have spent too many in that 10-2 game against the Rangers. A few of those goals might have been meant for the Sharks game and the Blues game. Now that we’re back to even, maybe they’ll start scoring again.

I’m glad Winchester’s gone. It was pretty sorry the way he treated Mike Modano. He pushed him into his own goalie, then climbed on top of him and started punching him in the head. I’m sure Modano was stunned. I know I was.

Not a classy move. And by the way, why wasn’t he yanked off by the collar of his shirt by one of Mo’s teammates? For all we know they were all changing or something, but we only got the closeup of the altercation.

That was another disappointing game, made more disappointing because they played pretty well. We’re not out of it yet, but if we don’t get some goals pretty soon, we will be.

Maybe Steve Bégin can help us.

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I’m sure he’s never heard that joke before. Actually, he may not have. That song is from the 30’s and he’s barely 30. Plus, it’s not funny.

I think I’m really going to like Steve Begin. In his first interview, he totally gave me a shoutout! He said he loves Penalty Killing!

Actually, his quote was, “I play a simple game, up and down, and I try and bring a lot of energy. I am a defensive player, I enjoy working on the PK.”

Same thing, though. Right?

I think we all know how much I love defensive forwards. And how much I love a guy that can kill penalties. And how much I love foxy players with French accents.

He’s going to have to try hard to make me not like him.

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