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Dallas 2, Chicago 5

See?  This is why I didn’t want to get my hopes up about the Wild game.  (I did, but I didn’t want to.)

I skipped the recap of that game, but Myra has a good one over on the great Laughs 2 Loud. It was a fun game and everything looked fixed. But as we see now, it’s still not fixed.

Tobias Stephan started this game and the last and he played pretty well in both. Yet tonight he ended up with 5 goals against.

Lots of lazy skating and more running into each other (which is really starting to irk me). I’ve never seen a team hit each other so much.

Right now, the Stars are a team of new guys. They don’t really know where to be or what to do, it seems. Avery, Brunnstrom, Petersen, Conner are all new and learning the system and that’s how they end up running into each other.

When they got down a goal, I think they overworked to get the next goal. Razor pointed this out and I agree. Still, they were down a goal and needed to score. They just ignored the part of the rink above the circles in the offensive zone and let go a lot of breakaways toward poor Stephan. (By the way, Stephan is a handsome dude. I mean really handsome. And he towers over Turco.)



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