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There’s still no official confirmation, but everybody seems to believe that Joe Nieuwendyk has failed to take my advice against doing anything drastic and has fired Dave Tippett.

I’ve kind of gone through several feelings about it over the course of the day. I was pretty shocked at first, and not happy about it at all. I’m still not happy about it, but I think I can live with it.

Six seasons is a long time for a coach in the NHL. I just hate to see him go. I have a feeling he’ll win a Cup someday soon. I just hope he doesn’t take it out of the Stars’ hands.

Right now the rumor is that they are talking to Marc Crawford. I think that’s a huge mistake, but they never listen to me. Maybe they should. I think my record is pretty good.

I think they should give Ulf Dahlen a call and see what he’s up to these days.

I checked out the great Andrew’s Dallas Stars Page to see what Mark thinks about it and he basically summarized all my thoughts.

Overall, I thought Tippett did a very good job during his time here. The Stars were a good team before the lockout and were a good team after the lockout. Tippett had a lot to do with that.

A lot of people will focus on the playoffs, but at the end of the season, as Brian Burke likes to say, only one team gets to hold a parade. Winning it all isn’t easy and getting close to winning it all isn’t easy either. There are a lot of teams around the NHL that would love to have had the success the Stars had during the years Tippett was head coach.

I was always a fan of Tipp’s. I feel sure his phone is already ringing off the wall and I hope he goes to a team I like.


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Last season, the Stars had the second-best penalty kill in the league. These were our penalty killers, in order of short-handed time-on-ice per game.

Mattias Norstrom – 3:14 (retired)
Sergei Zubov – 3:02
Philippe Boucher – 2:49 (traded)
Stu Barnes – 2:37 (retired)
Jere Lehtinen – 2:27 (injured)
Trevor Daley – 2:24
Steve Ott – 2:21 (injured)
Niklas Hagman – 2:16 (released)
Matt Niskanen – 2:11 (scratched)
Stephane Robidas – 2:11
Nicklas Grossman – 2:11
Mike Modano – 1:57
Brenden Morrow – 1:44 (injured)
Mark Fistric – 1:17 (demoted)

These are the ones we have left.

Stephane Robidas – 2:38
Trevor Daley – 2:34
Nicklas Grossman – 2:23
Mike Modano – 1:55
Sergei Zubov – 1:52

Sure, lots of other guys are out there on the penalty kill now, but they’re not that good at it.


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It’s just preseason. It’s just preseason. It’sjustpreseasonit’sjustpreseasonit’sjustpreseason.

Still, they need to get to work. I’m listening to the game on the radio, finally hearing our beloved Ralph and Razor calling the game (speaking of signs). It’s tied right now, but they should be smacking the Blackhawks right now. They’ve had a ton of power plays so far in the game, and in the preseason.

Ulfie Dahlen left to coach Frolunda in Sweden and may have forgotten to do the “knowledge transfer,” as we corporate drones like to call it. Razor started to make the point during tonight’s game that Dahlen’s main project as an assistant coach has been the power play. It did us a lot of good in the playoffs and it was also pretty good during the regular season last year, so we’re going to need it again this year.

It’s hard for me to know for sure whether our power play was dominant in the Anaheim series or Anaheim was just poorly defending it. But the Stars scored a lot on the power play then. Missing during that time was the quarterback, Sergei Zubov, and consequently it had a different look. It had a lot of movement and it was unpredictable. When Zubie returned in the Sharks series, it started to look more familiar, and not just to me. I still think Zubie should run it, but Robidas should have some say, too. When he was standing in for Zubie, he mixed it up a lot more and they scored a lot more. I feel confident that Tippett could see this and will make the necessary adjustments.


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So long, Ulfie.

Ulf Dahlen has made his decision about next season, it appears. He’s leaving the Stars to coach in Sweden. He’ll be the head coach of Frolunda, of the Swedish Elite League.

I was hoping he’d sign on for next year. I honestly don’t know the details about what he contributed to the coaching staff, but I can tell you he certainly contributed to the overall appearance of it. He’s a handsome man, especially when he’s wearing his little glasses.

He was usually up in the pressbox, or a suite, watching the game and calling down with his observations, then he’d show up on the bench for the third period. He worked a lot with the power play units, too.

Our power play was pretty damn good in the first round of this years’ playoffs and still darn good in most of the second round. There’s some thought that Zubov’s return made them fall back into a style that was too easy to predict, compared to what they were doing to Anaheim without him.  I think Dahlen had a lot to do with the success of the power play.

I’m sure Ulfie had a lot to do with the collection of Swedes we have now. He was a scout in Sweden for the Stars after he retired as a player following the 2002-2003 season with the team. Loui Eriksson and Joel Lundqvist and Nick Grossman were probably pretty glad to have him around when they were new here. 

According to Heika, he turned down an offer of an extension back in November so he could study his options. I’ve been hoping he’d stay but I can understand that he wants to be a head coach, or at least a bench assistant, and Frolunda is giving him a head coaching position right now. I presume he plans to work his way back to the NHL and someday have his own team.  Hopefully, it won’t be too long.  Best of luck to him.

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