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Once again, Mike Heika tells us everything we need to know. One of the reasons I don’t get into out-and-out news on this blog is because it will always pale in comparison to Mike Heika’s work. I hope he never leaves us.

Just from an extremely high level, I think the draft went pretty well. The Stars bulked up on forwards after years of drafting defensemen and goalies. We have lots of defense prospects and now we’ll have lots of prospects at forward. They also picked several right-handed shots, too. Right-handed shots are rare, in general, not just in this organization, so they’ll be handy no matter how many they get. They can always trade any spares.

Scott Glennie was our first-round pick at 8th overall. Personally, I had only vaguely heard of him before that, but after reading a little about him, I’m thrilled. He sounds like a guy that is a good playmaker and a scorer while also being willing to be the guy that goes in to get the puck for his linemates.

He’s one of the right-handers, and it sounds like he and linemate (and #5 pick for the Kings) Brayden Schenn tore up their league last year. He’s fast, he’s talented, and he’ll have time to mature. I think it’s a good pick.

Alex Chiasson was picked by the Stars in the second round. Like Louis Leblanc, he’s from Quebec, but has been playing in the US Hockey League and plans to take the NCAA route instead of Juniors. He’s committed to Boston University. He’s also a right-handed right-wing.



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8:25 I think I’ll move over to Twitter for a while, if my hand doesn’t seize up. Thanks for dropping by the live-blog, Myra. And anybody else that did!

8:19 I think that’s all I can live-blog. It’s been 2 1/2 hours and it’s only the first half of the picks. Maybe I’ll just slow down a little. Maybe Minnesota at #16 goes up there and says that they pick Pierre to be co-GM!

8:16 Ducks are next. I wonder if I’m going to hate them as much now that they don’t have Pronger.
They pick Peter Holland. Hm. Maybe I should run over to dallasstars.com and see how that’s going.

8:12 I guess Buffalo was #13, because Florida just picked Kulikov at #14. I guess they couldn’t get anything for Bouwmeester yet. (Please, Stars, don’t get Bouwmeester.)

8:03 Awww. Ray Ferraro with his little boy! How sweet! (I like Ray Ferraro.)

Buffalo picks Zack Kassian. Ooh! A comparison to Lucic.

8:00 Buffalo’s up next. I hope they pick somebody good, for the sake of all my Buffalo fan friends. Is this #14?

You know, last year, when I was there in person, the Stars didn’t have a pick at all in the first round. It’s weird that we’ve already picked. I think a lot of Stars fans have probably left this show and are over on the Stars site learning about our new guy. I should do that, too, but I like the whole thing.

7:56 Interview with Pronger. I think they should ask him what his wife thinks of Philly. Duthie jokingly asks if he’s the missing piece in Philly and he basically says yes. He’s a peach. If he were anybody else, I’d feel sorry for him for the way Niedermayer strung the team along and got him traded by agreeing to come back to the Ducks for another year. But since he’s Chris Pronger, who cares.

7:53 TRADE! Oh, it’s a pick to the Islanders for picks the Islanders just got earlier. Yawn. The Islanders are up now. They selected Calvin DeHaan. Never heard of him.

7:49 The Stars are putting up Glennie links like crazy, and Ralph interviewed him already. I want to watch the rest of the draft! I want to go see this Glennie kid! I don’t have enough eyes.

7:46 Minnesota is up at #12. Are you SURE you don’t want Pierre to be your GM, Minny? He’s right over there! You can go talk to him right now!

7:44 Preds are up at #11. They pick Ryan Ellis. From Otter’s old team, the Windsor Spitfires! Hi, Otter!

7:37 Kevin Lowe. I couldn’t think of the Oilers’ GM’s name. It’s Kevin Lowe. The guy that makes fun of little children.

7:33 Oilers are up next. I saw a behind-the-scenes show about a previous draft and the Oilers GM pulled aside an innocent little kid wearing a Leafs jersey and made fun of him. I don’t like that guy.

The Oilers take ol’ Control-V!

7:28 I don’t have a problem with the Stars picking Glennie, mainly because I don’t follow it that closely. I don’t assume that mock drafts have all the answers. He was close to that rank, so that’s fine with me. If they’re drafting skilled guys, that’s fine. I don’t think drafting for what we need right now over the best player is a good idea, because it’ll be a year or two before he gets to town.


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I think it’s a good idea. It’s not the only good idea, but it’s one of them.

As you have probably heard, the Dallas Stars are bringing Joe Nieuwendyk back to town to be the General Manager. He was one of the biggest keys to the Stars’ Stanley Cup win in 1999 and he helped take the team back to the Finals the next year.

Then Doug Armstrong decided to put his stamp on the team and traded Nieuwendyk and Jamie Langenbrunner to the New Jersey Devils. (This whole “putting your stamp on the team the minute you take over” thing hasn’t worked out that well. See: Brett Hull.) I was crushed that day, let me tell you. I was only three years into my hockey obsession and I figured that was the end of it. I had decided halfway through the Cup run that Nieuwy was my favorite player, and Jamie was a close second. How was I going to be a Stars fan if both of them were gone?

NHL Center Ice saved me, but that’s another story.

So, I’m all for Joe Nieuwendyk coming back to town. (more…)

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Joe Nieuwendyk has been named GM of the Dallas Stars!

Sure, I’m no investigative journalist or anything, but that came out of nowhere! I saw it on Twitter and just skipped right by it, then froze in mid-step and backed up. Just like in cartoons.

I am not sure what to say about it. I don’t think Brett Hull was really working out, but I don’t really know anything about Nieuwy’s personnel tendencies, so I will have to think about it before I decide if I like it. If he’s like Hull and wants to hire players that are just like him, it’s much better when Nieuwy’s doing it than when Hull is doing it. But that’s really all I can come up with.

Don’t do anything crazy, Nieuwy. That’s my advice.

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Back when it all went down, I didn’t dream anybody would take him off our hands, even at half price. Even the Rangers.

But Glen Sather pulled through for us. I was hoping some lower-rung team would pick him up, just so he doesn’t get to go back to New York, but I am trying to keep in mind that back when it all went down, I didn’t dream anybody would take him off our hands, even at half price.

Avery ends up with everything he wanted. An outlandish contract and life in New York City. And, I suspect, revenge on the Stars for trying to send him to Manitoba way back in November.

But I don’t care. He’s gone.

I wonder if Brett Hull is still friends with him.

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Dallas 3, Chicago 6


  • Five goals. AGAIN.
  • Collapsed like pouting children after giving up the late goal in the first.
  • Had wonderful first period and couldn’t keep it going.
  • Somehow, Darryl Sydor wasn’t the miracle cure he’s been made out to be.*
  • Morrow missed shifts at the end.
  • Another loss in a long string of them.


  • Modano’s play. Tonight, after the first period, he was the only one with any determination, it seemed.
  • …(cricket sounds)

I wonder what knee-jerk move Brett Hull and Les Jackson are going to make, now.

It’s possible that the GMs have done Boucher a favor.

*Look, I understand that he wasn’t going to be, but everybody that mentioned his name in the last week has spoken so reverently about how he’ll turn everybody around with just one rousing locker-room speech. Instead, he completely screened Marty on the one goal, and threw himself out of position at least twice by leaving his feet to block a shot that never came.

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The latest in the long string of the Stars’ fantasy-team moves:

B.J. Crombeen is picked up off waivers by the St. Louis Blues.

One of our most promising rookies, one of the kids that, along with James Neal, was rejuvenating Modano’s game, just given away. For free.

Good job, GMs.

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