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If you’re not reading Down Goes Brown, you really should start. Besides watching Nik Hagman for signs of being traded back to the Stars, I have no interest in the Maple Leafs (sic). Still, this guy makes them fascinating.

Here, he lets us in on some Brian Burke conversations at the Draft.

(Dallas draft table.)

Burke: Hey Joe, got a second?

Joe Nieuwendyk: Sure Brian, what’s up?

Burke: I need a coffee. Two cream, no sugar.

Nieuwendyk: Um…

Burke: Stat.

Nieuwendyk: I’m not actually your assistant any more.

Burke: …

Nieuwendyk: Remember, I resigned two weeks ago?

Burke: …

Nieuwendyk: I’m the GM of the Stars now.

Burke: And an apple fritter.

Nieuwendyk: Right away sir.


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Once again, Mike Heika tells us everything we need to know. One of the reasons I don’t get into out-and-out news on this blog is because it will always pale in comparison to Mike Heika’s work. I hope he never leaves us.

Just from an extremely high level, I think the draft went pretty well. The Stars bulked up on forwards after years of drafting defensemen and goalies. We have lots of defense prospects and now we’ll have lots of prospects at forward. They also picked several right-handed shots, too. Right-handed shots are rare, in general, not just in this organization, so they’ll be handy no matter how many they get. They can always trade any spares.

Scott Glennie was our first-round pick at 8th overall. Personally, I had only vaguely heard of him before that, but after reading a little about him, I’m thrilled. He sounds like a guy that is a good playmaker and a scorer while also being willing to be the guy that goes in to get the puck for his linemates.

He’s one of the right-handers, and it sounds like he and linemate (and #5 pick for the Kings) Brayden Schenn tore up their league last year. He’s fast, he’s talented, and he’ll have time to mature. I think it’s a good pick.

Alex Chiasson was picked by the Stars in the second round. Like Louis Leblanc, he’s from Quebec, but has been playing in the US Hockey League and plans to take the NCAA route instead of Juniors. He’s committed to Boston University. He’s also a right-handed right-wing.


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8:25 I think I’ll move over to Twitter for a while, if my hand doesn’t seize up. Thanks for dropping by the live-blog, Myra. And anybody else that did!

8:19 I think that’s all I can live-blog. It’s been 2 1/2 hours and it’s only the first half of the picks. Maybe I’ll just slow down a little. Maybe Minnesota at #16 goes up there and says that they pick Pierre to be co-GM!

8:16 Ducks are next. I wonder if I’m going to hate them as much now that they don’t have Pronger.
They pick Peter Holland. Hm. Maybe I should run over to dallasstars.com and see how that’s going.

8:12 I guess Buffalo was #13, because Florida just picked Kulikov at #14. I guess they couldn’t get anything for Bouwmeester yet. (Please, Stars, don’t get Bouwmeester.)

8:03 Awww. Ray Ferraro with his little boy! How sweet! (I like Ray Ferraro.)

Buffalo picks Zack Kassian. Ooh! A comparison to Lucic.

8:00 Buffalo’s up next. I hope they pick somebody good, for the sake of all my Buffalo fan friends. Is this #14?

You know, last year, when I was there in person, the Stars didn’t have a pick at all in the first round. It’s weird that we’ve already picked. I think a lot of Stars fans have probably left this show and are over on the Stars site learning about our new guy. I should do that, too, but I like the whole thing.

7:56 Interview with Pronger. I think they should ask him what his wife thinks of Philly. Duthie jokingly asks if he’s the missing piece in Philly and he basically says yes. He’s a peach. If he were anybody else, I’d feel sorry for him for the way Niedermayer strung the team along and got him traded by agreeing to come back to the Ducks for another year. But since he’s Chris Pronger, who cares.

7:53 TRADE! Oh, it’s a pick to the Islanders for picks the Islanders just got earlier. Yawn. The Islanders are up now. They selected Calvin DeHaan. Never heard of him.

7:49 The Stars are putting up Glennie links like crazy, and Ralph interviewed him already. I want to watch the rest of the draft! I want to go see this Glennie kid! I don’t have enough eyes.

7:46 Minnesota is up at #12. Are you SURE you don’t want Pierre to be your GM, Minny? He’s right over there! You can go talk to him right now!

7:44 Preds are up at #11. They pick Ryan Ellis. From Otter’s old team, the Windsor Spitfires! Hi, Otter!

7:37 Kevin Lowe. I couldn’t think of the Oilers’ GM’s name. It’s Kevin Lowe. The guy that makes fun of little children.

7:33 Oilers are up next. I saw a behind-the-scenes show about a previous draft and the Oilers GM pulled aside an innocent little kid wearing a Leafs jersey and made fun of him. I don’t like that guy.

The Oilers take ol’ Control-V!

7:28 I don’t have a problem with the Stars picking Glennie, mainly because I don’t follow it that closely. I don’t assume that mock drafts have all the answers. He was close to that rank, so that’s fine with me. If they’re drafting skilled guys, that’s fine. I don’t think drafting for what we need right now over the best player is a good idea, because it’ll be a year or two before he gets to town.


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This losing streak is crazy. There’s no way they don’t get any more wins before the end of the season, but somehow I can’t picture it. I have forgotten what it’s like when they win. I’ve really forgotten what it’s like to expect them to win.

They get a bunch of great saves, lose 1-0. Get a bunch of great goals, lose 6-5.

They lose a guy a game. They barely have enough players to dress. The two kids they brought up, Jancevski and Stafford, had to be taken out of their playoffs.

I’m kind of looking forward to the summer. See who we get in the draft, with our shiny first-round pick. Maybe I should start reading up on who is available.

Tonight, against the Kings, I’m looking for small victories. We aren’t going to make the playoffs, but a rare win against the Kings would be nice. After all that good we did by beating Detroit 3 out of 4 times, we kind of wasted it by losing to everybody else.

Come on, boys. Let’s win one for Tipp.

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Dallas 0, San Jose 1
Dallas 1, Chicago 3

BradG, in the comments section of Mike Heika’s post about Toby Petersen’s broken foot, explains it all:

The hockey gods called.

They said, “Even if we have to injure every single Dallas Star, you’re not making the playoffs this year.”

During the Chicago game, when the Stars were meandering around and not really doing much, Razor kept saying that they’re just not as good as the Blackhawks. I am not ready to debate that right now. I don’t like to think that that’s true, because I am used to the ‘Hawks being terrible. I see that they’re not terrible any more. I see that they’re legitimate this season.

But I’m not ready to say that we’re not as good as they are.

Now, the Sharks? We might not be as good as they are.

We are limping along with a team made up mostly of recently ex-AHL players. Bob Sturm was making this point on BaD Radio today, and I think it’s a good one. These are pretty good players, most have the potential to be great, but half the team was in the minors this season or last season. Several were in the minors a month ago.

Now that Petersen is injured, we’re really low on centers. I guess it’s a good thing our centers are the ones being injured, because we have a lot of them. But even with our big pile, we’re running out.

I took my friend Chris (in Allen) to the Chicago game and we had a great time (except for the score). I have a hard time seeing what’s really going on in a game I’m seeing live. (more…)

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It took me a little while to notice, but the Dallas Stars have some adorable Draft Day videos up on DallasStars.com.

Steve Ott looks about the same age now as he did back in 2000 when he was the Stars’ first pick. Even on the day he was drafted, they knew he was going to be an agitator. He was a big-time scorer with the Windsor Spitfires, too.

Stu Barnes looks so adorable! Look at that smile! He was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets (defunct) in 1989 and he “[struck] a blow for the little guy,” according to the announcers. He already had a reputation for being a character guy and it has proven to be well-deserved.

Brenden Morrow was unfortunately nicknamed “Chunks” as a kid, apparently, but I think he’s showed them. He also was just dripping with adorability as a kid. The announcers in 1997 thought 5′ 11″ was a lack of size. Times have changed.

And Mike Modano was the cutest of all. He was the first overall pick in 1988 and he was pretty overwhelmed, I think. There was talk all the way up to the moment of the first pick that it could either be he or Trevor Linden. He is embarrassed today by that haircut, but I’d venture to say it wasn’t his worst over the years. He made up for it by wearing a normal suit. In 1988 there was no telling what kind of outfit he could have chosen. His y’know-laced interview is priceless. He said he hoped to turn around the club and did he ever. That was twenty years ago.

The Draft just might be my new favorite thing.

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I really don’t know where to start to recap the trip to Ottawa. That’s why it’s taking me so long to post something. I just don’t know where to start.

IPB and Top Shelf and The Humming Giraffe all have great stories about the weekend, so check them all out.

In the meantime, I might have to bite this project off in small pieces in order to get it done.

I’ll start by saying how hugely entertaining everybody was that I met there. I got to meet Pookie and Schnookie and Heather B. and Meg and alix and Hockeygirl in person for the first time and they were all even cooler than I had hoped. Every single one of them.

Schnookie and Heather were careful to keep reminding us all that the actual NHL Draft ceremonies were going to be excruciatingly dull and we should be prepared for that. They didn’t think going to it would be dull, but the actual drafting of teenage boys that we won’t even hear of again for a few years might not hold our interest.

But damned if it didn’t. The actual drafting process was full-on fascinating. We headed out to the arena at about 4pm or so and walked past the “fest” that was basically a handful of bounce houses and the obligatory (yet kinda cool) giant inflatable hockey player.


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