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Dallas 1, Los Angeles 5

The Kings even felt sorry for us. Anze Kopitar scored the 5th goal with just seconds to go and basically apologized for it.

That run of games before the Olympic break looked like it might be something building. We were all optimistic and we were just a point out of 8th place. Turco was back, we were scoring. All a mirage, it appears now.

Turco wasn’t at his best. Again. But he wasn’t the only one. Again. Brad Richards passed the puck to a Kings player more often than to a teammate. Steve Ott tripped over his own stick at one point. Krys Barch was Krys Barch.



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Boy, that was an exciting Olympics gold medal game, wasn’t it? Congratulations to Brenden Morrow for what must have been the dream of a lifetime. I’m sure he won’t be lording it over his teammates when he gets back to town. Even so, Mike Modano should be ready to smack him if need be.

And congratulations to Team USA for a thrilling run through the tournament, all the way to the marquee game on Sunday afternoon. I think I almost broke my voice screaming when Zach Parise tied up the game with 24 seconds left. I wasn’t so happy about Sidney Crosby scoring in OT to win the game, but if it had to be some Canadian, I’m happy it was Sid. He looked pretty happy about the whole thing while they waited for the medals to be awarded.


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You got a little...um...no, right in the front... (Getty Images)

Brenden Morrow is doing just what we Stars fans expect him to do.

There’s a really nice article about him in the The Vancouver Sun (thanks to Andrew’s Stars Page) describing how many people thought he was a bad pick for the team, and how they’ve been proven wrong so far.

He’s scored two goals, one being a really nice tip-in between his feet in the game against Slovakia. He’s been hitting and goalie-screening, as well. In the game against Slovakia, he seemed to be on the ice every other shift. I haven’t checked his ice time, but I assume that it’s high.

I love the guy and I’m terribly proud of him. I hope he won’t be too upset that I’m pulling for Team USA, though.

P.S. Brenden? PLEASE OH PLEASE! Don’t wear a branded mouthpiece when you get back to Dallas! They are so irritating as it is, but it’s especially disheartening to see somebody’s company name hiding your beautiful smile when you’ve just scored a goal. What’s next? GoldenPalace.com across your forehead? [Don’t worry, I didn’t link to the casino.]

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I am still kind of buzzed about last night’s USA-Canada hockey game.

For the benefit of my relatives who don’t really care about hockey, but are still nice enough to read this blog, Team USA beat vaunted Team Canada last night in the Olympics in preliminary play. The game had been highly hyped for months. The Canadians have been presuming they’d coast through the round robin play, scoring at will and embarrassing everybody they met.

And while they may have thought the US might give them a competitive game, they assumed they’d win that one, too.

I braced myself to feel good if we competed well and didn’t get blown out. When Brian Rafalski scored that first goal for the US in the first minute of the game I surprised myself by freaking out.

The rest of the game was a thrill. The Canadians tied it, then the Americans got that one back 30 seconds later. Then the Canadians tied it again! The Americans took the lead again, but when they got the 4th goal to go up by two, I just about lost it.


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