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After hearing about the exciting adventures Katebits and Heather B. had recently, I started to think maybe I should re-dedicate myself to some blogging.

Also, coincidentally, the season is about to start up. I’m finally starting to get really excited about it. I’ll be picking up the pace here pretty soon.

In the meantime, check out Top Shelf Cookies and The Willful Caboose to see what Heather B. and Katebits got to do. I can’t even comprehend the excitement and fear they must have been feeling. It must have been unbelievable.


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Claw! Antlers!

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers for winning the American League Pennant! What a great bunch of guys, from the new owners to the GM to the manager to the coaches to the pitchers to the hitters to the fielders to the bench to the trainers and everybody else.

The Rangers have been helping me through the Stars’ off-seasons for a while now. My attention has waxed and waned, I admit, but I’ve been locked in this summer and it’s been a very exciting one.

I hope the Stars can gain some inspiration from what their former co-workers in the Hicks conglomerate have done.

Go Rangers! Good luck in the World Series — we know you can do it!

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Why? WHY?! Why, of all teams, did you pick the Red Wings?

Are you trying to drive us crazy? You couldn’t go to the Kings? Or the Sharks or something? Ack!

Yes, that’s right. Our beloved Mike Modano has rubbed salt in our wounds by signing with the hated Red Wings. Sure, that’s his prerogative. Sure, he’ll have a dumb ol’ great time and probably get back to the stupid playoffs and look all great with those overrated Wings players everybody’s always raving about. But, but…it’s…it’s the WINGS. What the hell?!

I’m happy Mike found a place to land. I’ll be happy when he has fun and plays well and enjoys his likely last season on the ice. I want him to have a great season and score lots of goals and show another team up close what a great skater he is. And while all that’s going on, I still want the Wings to lose every game they play.

I’ve been on a streak of seeing the home opener in person for several years now. Also, I swore the last time I went to a game against Detroit that I’d never do it again. Then the schedule came out and, naturally, the home opener is against Detroit. What should I do? Which vow should I break? I still haven’t decided. And now that Modano is going to be skating around the AAC in one of those garish red-and-pink jerseys, with the sweat showing through his hideous red breezers, I don’t know what I’ll do. It’s a good reason to go and to not go.

I guess I’ll go. Hmfph.

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Well, hello there.

I’d like to send out a big, heartfelt congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks and their fans for winning the Stanley Cup this year. It was a pretty exciting Finals series and the good guys won. The Chicago fans were great and I’m extremely jealous of them.

I have a few random thoughts about the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs and I’ve decided not to try to arrange them in any kind of meaningful way. Just so you know, right up front.

• As seen above, and elsewhere, Patrick Sharp is a handsome, handsome man. He’s also a pretty good goal-scorer and a fairly good defensive forward and he shoots right and the ‘Hawks might have to part with somebody important next season. Just puttin’ it out there.

• The Blackhawks have a topnotch site and they pack it with fun videos. This timelapse video of the day of the Stanley Cup parade is pretty cool. You should check out their commercials and their behind-the-scenes videos. The Dallas Stars could learn a thing or two from them. (I’ll rant some other time about the slide into boring that the Stars site has taken.)

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In last night’s game against the Phoenix Coyotes, James Neal hit Petr Prucha along the boards and Prucha was injured and carried off the ice on a stretcher. Fortunately, Prucha is out of the hospital and is day-to-day with an “upper body injury.” Hopefully it’s not serious.

The hit was the same kind of “finish the check” hit that occurs dozens of times in every single NHL game. Neal hit him from the side, shoulder to shoulder, and not that hard. The problem was that Prucha’s head hit one of the few stanchions in the arena. Their glass is “seamless” so it doesn’t have a stanchion between all the panes, but there are posts at the penalty box doors and that’s where the hit happened.

Dave Tippett, in his post-game press conference, called it “an obvious hit to the head.” Obviously, he hadn’t seen all the replays.

The Coyotes showed a replay during their broadcast (thanks to Heika’s DMN blog) that was from the nosebleeds behind the goal and it was not close up by any means.

The Stars, on the other hand, showed the replay in slow motion from the main game-play camera, behind and above the penalty boxes.

You can see that Neal hits Prucha’s shoulder with his own shoulder and that Prucha’s head whips against the steel post. It’s a terrible, terrible result from a normal and common hockey play.

James Neal didn’t deserve to have to fight for that hit, but I can understand why the players thought he should. I don’t fault the Coyotes for calling him out during the game. And Neal did the right thing in accepting a fight. But that’s it. It’s over now. We all truly hope that Prucha is okay. Nobody likes to see someone get injured like that.

Neal doesn’t deserve to be called out by his own former coach as a headhunter in the post-game show. Tippett should know better than that. He also doesn’t deserve a suspension or a fine and he doesn’t deserve to be hated forever by all Coyotes fans because of that hit. Sure, Coyotes fans can hate him because he’s a Dallas Star or because he has scored on them a couple of times or because he’s beautiful, but that hit doesn’t warrant it.

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I never check ESPN anymore. It’s no place to go for anything related to hockey.

But through my favorite Coyotes blog, Five For Howling, I found this nice little feature on Dave Tippett and his staff and how they run the Phoenix Coyotes.

Tipp never sways from the working-as-a-team theme, even with the coaches.

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I just saw a cute story over on Andrew’s Dallas Stars Page about a Stars fan that bought a Maple Leafs fan on ebay.

Apparently, the Leafs fan has decided to jump ship and has sold his loyalty to the highest bidder (proceeds going to a cancer charity).

I think he’ll enjoy being a Dallas Stars fan. He can probably get Stars game tickets plus plane tickets for the price of tickets to a Leafs game. And there’s no waiting list. And best of all, no grammatical errors in our team’s name!

Welcome to Stars fandom, ex-Leafs fan!

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