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Dallas 2, Edmonton 3 (SO)

I was listening to the postgame show on The Ticket and Bob and Dan were saying the same thing I was thinking. Everybody wants to say that the defense is too young and inexperienced, but the problems aren’t always on defense. The defense had a good game. Turco had a great game.

The forwards need to score some goals. This is a group that is built to be high-scoring, yet they’re stuck at 2 goals a game most nights. That puts pressure on the defense, whether they’re young or not.

The other thing that is really getting tiresome is the way they let teams get back in the game. They were up on the Oilers 2-0 most of the way through the 2nd period. They were still up 2-1 with just over three minutes left in the whole game, and let the Oilers score the tying goal.

I doubt there were many in the crowd that thought they’d get it back in the overtime or the shootout. Especially the shootout, of course.

I was at this game (I feel like I’ve been going to all the home games lately), and from my un-Ralphie-aided position, I thought the Stars looked good most of the game. The defense actually did pretty well, I thought.

Mark Fistric had a great game back on the blue line. He made a lot of hits and some fancy stick-checks and generally was on the ball the whole game. He had 8 hits and 5 blocked shots.



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Programming note.

The wonderful NHL Network has a show called, Captains Driven (or Captains Driven by Bridgestone, depending where you see it). It’s usually kind of dull if it’s somebody you don’t know, but on Thursday the 19th, it will be about our beloved Brenden Morrow.

Set your TiVos if you have the NHL Network. And a TiVo.

And if you don’t have the NHL Network, you need take care of that, pronto.

Also, Tracey Myers mentioned in her blog that a crew from the NHL Network was following Ralph Strangis last night for their show about broadcasters, Voices.

I don’t see that episode on my DVR schedule yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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Major announcement.

The Little Ticket

Over at Sports Radio Thirteen-Ten the Ticket, they’ve been teasing a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT for a week. Today was the day.

The announcement? The Little Ticket will be broadcasting the Dallas Stars games starting next season!

I would not have predicted that in a million years. I am not unhappy about it at all. They plan to broadcast all 82 games with a postgame show for all of them and a pregame show for most of them. The Stars site has the details.

I have kind of a love-hate relationship with The Ticket. Everybody on that station infuriates me on occasion. Some infuriate me all the time. But I listen all day. I’m even back to listening to the Hardline now that Greggo is gone.

I’ve also had a love-hate relationship with their hockey talk. When I first started listening to 1310 exclusively, I wished they’d talk about hockey more. Then every once in a while they would talk about it and their lack of knowledge about the game was so annoying I would wish they’d stop talking about hockey.


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Dallas 2, San Jose 6
I was visiting my lovely sister (in Tulsa) for Thanksgiving with the family and did not hear what happened Friday night against the San Jose Sharks. My family probably doesn’t realize how lucky they are that I didn’t.

When I got home Saturday night, I found that my TiVo hadn’t recorded the Sharks game. Apparently there had been a power outage and the box didn’t boot back up properly. Although I’m pretty sure it just knew I wasn’t going to want to see it.

Dallas 4, Minnesota 3
When I drove up Wednesday night, I managed to hear 90% of the Minnesota game on WBAP. It really makes the 4½-hour trip go by fast when you’re struggling to hear Ralph and Razor through all the static. And just when I thought I’d lost the game, it started coming in loud and clear, so I got to hear the Stars rally to win the game. That James Neal is a keeper.

I was in a great mood the whole rest of the trip.

This is all I care about now. I am beating my head against a brick wall, trying to express my frustration with all of the moves Hull and Jackson have made since taking over. I pretty much don’t like any of them. But they don’t care what I think, and screeching about it all the time only makes me feel bad. (Well, me and whomever I’m screeching at.)

Wins make me feel better and losses make me upset. I don’t care how they get a win, and picking apart the the losses, trying to find reasons, is a loser’s battle.

Just one more note, though, before I go back to being philosophical. Okay, two notes. Turco needs to straighten out. He’s killing us. And Avery is still showing me nothing.

I’m glad I got to hear the Wild win, and I’m kind of glad I was forced to miss that Sharks debacle.

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Dallas 4, Columbus 5 OT

When I predicted a roller-coaster season, I meant the season. Not the opening game.

I have a feeling I’m right about the season, too.

My lovely sister (in Keller) and I went to the game. I love to go to the home opener and I’ve been making a point of it. This was my third year in a row. We met up between periods with Myra (and the Kid) and Caitlin and Jen. It’s always so fun to see fellow Stars bloggers. We all tried not to get too worked up about how things were going, so we had fun chatting.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not very good at analyzing the game when I go to the AAC. I need Ralph and Razor to help me out with what’s going on. But even I could see that the first period was Slop. Py. Sloppy!

They couldn’t catch a pass or find a loose puck. Several times, Stars players ran into each other. Still, at the end of it they were only down one goal.

The second period looked great. They scored a couple of goals and were feeling good about themselves. They’re in the game, their nerves are gone, things are going to start going right.

Unfortunately they still had to play the third period. They seemed to not know what to do. I’m not sure what was going on. They’d start a play well, then just hang back. As my sister used to tell her little YMCA basketball players, it’s not the “give and stand there.”


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Good news for Stars fans.

Looks like Ralph and Razor are going to be around for a little while. I’m very happy to hear that. Like some of those commenters, I always worry when Razor does work for Versus or ESPN (in the old days) or NBC. I fear that he’ll want to move on to TSN eventually or something.

But just like a lot of the players, they probably like living in Dallas. Don’t ask me why that is. I also really like living here and I don’t know why.

The TV broadcast is simulcast for radio around here so their style is kind of a hybrid, I think. Ralph calls the action in a little more detail than most TV broadcasts, but a lot less detail than most radio broadcasts. I think it’s one of the reasons I like Ralph’s play-by-play so much. You get actual descriptions of the action and not wall-to-wall rambling about unrelated things.

Yet, it’s also not wall-to-wall play calling, either, so you do get some interesting talk between and during plays. He’s good at setting up Razor for a discussion and he contributes to them. They don’t just do their own thing and never interact. I’ve heard broadcast teams that do that.

I have kind of a love-like relationship with Razor. He thinks a lot of himself, but he’s not that far off. I learned a lot from him when I first started watching hockey. I miss those days when the Open Net segment was for answering actual hockey questions from fans instead of the lame and unfunny “comedy” bit it’s become. I learned the different sections of the ice, what all the markings mean, what he means by toe drag, the difference between forechecking and backchecking and a ton of other stuff that I might still be struggling to understand if it weren’t for Razor.


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