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Dallas 1, Columbus 4

I guess we all could have predicted the loss last night against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

I wouldn’t have predicted all the fights and the five-minute major plus game misconduct for James Neal, though. I was at the game, so I didn’t get to see anything up close. Therefore, I won’t argue whether or not Neal deserves a suspension for the hit (he’s been suspended two games). At the time, though, I thought the Jackets player was okay at first and didn’t see him fall back down again. The hit didn’t look that vicious to me on the replay that I craned my neck to see on the press box TV. They didn’t show the hit in the arena.

I’m interested in seeing that sequence of events when I watch the game on my TiVo. I’ll also want to see why there were so many fights. I usually assume that if Trevor Daley is in a fight, he’s legitimately angry. When Krys Barch fights, I don’t usually have to break down what led up to it.

I apologize for not having any in-depth analysis. When I’m at the game, I talk a lot more and I hear Razor explaining things 100% less than when I’m on my couch watching it on TV. (Not that I have any in-depth analysis then.)



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Programming note.

The wonderful NHL Network has a show called, Captains Driven (or Captains Driven by Bridgestone, depending where you see it). It’s usually kind of dull if it’s somebody you don’t know, but on Thursday the 19th, it will be about our beloved Brenden Morrow.

Set your TiVos if you have the NHL Network. And a TiVo.

And if you don’t have the NHL Network, you need take care of that, pronto.

Also, Tracey Myers mentioned in her blog that a crew from the NHL Network was following Ralph Strangis last night for their show about broadcasters, Voices.

I don’t see that episode on my DVR schedule yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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Built by cotton in 1872

Dallas 2, Edmonton 5

This one didn’t seem that bad when I was watching it. It didn’t seem like all the other games where we gave up five goals. It was 3-2 right up until the last couple of minutes. A huge weight has been lifted off my hockey shoulders, so that game was just fine with me. So we lost. We’re doing a lot better. Hopes are up.

Dallas 2, Colorado 1, SO

I was out of town for a long weekend so I didn’t watch Friday’s game against the Avs until Monday. I TiVo-ed it and managed (not surprisingly) to avoid any hockey talk the whole weekend. I was helping my parents (in Central Texas) give tours of their renovated 1872 Farmhouse Victorian, which was on their town’s Christmas Tour of Homes. Fortunately, none of the visitors blurted out the Stars score.


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Dallas 2, San Jose 6
I was visiting my lovely sister (in Tulsa) for Thanksgiving with the family and did not hear what happened Friday night against the San Jose Sharks. My family probably doesn’t realize how lucky they are that I didn’t.

When I got home Saturday night, I found that my TiVo hadn’t recorded the Sharks game. Apparently there had been a power outage and the box didn’t boot back up properly. Although I’m pretty sure it just knew I wasn’t going to want to see it.

Dallas 4, Minnesota 3
When I drove up Wednesday night, I managed to hear 90% of the Minnesota game on WBAP. It really makes the 4½-hour trip go by fast when you’re struggling to hear Ralph and Razor through all the static. And just when I thought I’d lost the game, it started coming in loud and clear, so I got to hear the Stars rally to win the game. That James Neal is a keeper.

I was in a great mood the whole rest of the trip.

This is all I care about now. I am beating my head against a brick wall, trying to express my frustration with all of the moves Hull and Jackson have made since taking over. I pretty much don’t like any of them. But they don’t care what I think, and screeching about it all the time only makes me feel bad. (Well, me and whomever I’m screeching at.)

Wins make me feel better and losses make me upset. I don’t care how they get a win, and picking apart the the losses, trying to find reasons, is a loser’s battle.

Just one more note, though, before I go back to being philosophical. Okay, two notes. Turco needs to straighten out. He’s killing us. And Avery is still showing me nothing.

I’m glad I got to hear the Wild win, and I’m kind of glad I was forced to miss that Sharks debacle.

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Anybody who knows me understands that I think the arrival of TiVo was a watershed moment in America’s history. TiVo invented the DVR and is still the best at it. I honestly can’t remember what it was like before I bought my first one (pre-ordered, by the way, so that mine was shipped on the day it made its debut). If I didn’t also love DirecTV with all my heart, I would have ditched them when they made me give up my TiVo-branded DirecTV DVR* in the interest of more HD channels**.

So. Are we all together? I love TiVo. LOVE IT!

Here’s the thing: I’d like to make a suggestion to TiVo and DirecTV and whoever is involved in making the schedule for DVRs. Please change the title of hockey games back to “NHL Hockey” in the schedule.

Back in the day, when I was working with the original TiVo, I would set up a Season Pass™ for the Dallas Stars games and then just not worry about it for the rest of the season. Back then, the title of a game on the schedule was, “NHL Hockey”. So I would set a Season Pass™ for “NHL Hockey” on FSN Southwest and one for My27. It would record any game that came up.

These days, the title changes with every game. Friday’s game will be called, “Columbus Blue Jackets at Dallas Stars” or something to that effect. A Season Pass™ for that title will, at best, get me two games this season.

You’re probably thinking, “Gosh, silly, just use a WishList™! Duh!”


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Hockey’s almost here!

• The first Center Ice installment appeared on my latest DirecTV bill. I don’t know how I survived before Center Ice. Whoa. It looks like it’s gone up. Oh well, what can you do.

• The season opener against Columbus showed up on the TiVo schedule and now I can set it to record, since I’ll be at the game with my Lovely Sister (in Keller).

• When I leave the house for work in the morning, it’s still below 80 degrees outside.

• Zubie and Bouche are injured. (Although Bouche should still be okay for opening night.)

• My fantasy team is set. I’m waiting for Ryan Whitney to be put on official IR so I can stow him there and get me a replacement. I fear my clever strategy is not working like I’d hoped.

• It’s October.

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The new schedules are here!

Hockey fans all over the world are combing the 2008-2009 NHL schedule, picking out games with particularly juicy storylines.

I printed out the .pdf version from the Stars site that just shows the Stars games, just to hang in my cube for reference.

I’ll watch every single one of them not matter when they’re on, so I’m not sure why I’m so excited to see the schedule. I guess it’s just a mile-marker on the road to the new season. It’s proof that time is actually passing and the season will eventually start. Because sometimes I wonder.

The league schedule holds some promise, though, because I can wander through it and see if there’s anything interesting going on with Halpie ‘n’ them on the Lightning. And maybe I’ll pick out a few Leaves games to see how Nik Hagman is doing. Center Ice brings it all to me.

I hope to go to more games this season than I did last season, although I did go to a few. I’m not going to fall for the every-Monday-a-new-prize promo, though. I’m still mad about showing up for a Zubov bobblehead doll when the Zubov bobblehead dolls failed to. Okay, maybe I might fall for something like that again.

Next up, training camp!

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