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I just had to show this somewhere. I got this email today from Shop.NHL.com. If they need a proofreader, I’m available! (Apparently they do, they just might not realize it.)


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Looks like the AAC will be getting a huge new video scoreboard. According to the Stars, the screen will be

* 300% BIGGER – Digital video throughout the arena bowl will be increased by over 300 percent with the addition of a new high-definition center scoreboard and two stadium-sized video displays that will dominate the upper end walls.

* 33% CLEARER – Each screen is designed to promote brightness, clarity and high-definition viewing quality through the use of the latest four millimeter light-emitting-diode (LED) technology, a 33 percent increase in resolution over existing LED displays currently installed in any arena.


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Look at him go!

Look at him go!

Personally, I’m not very good at season previews. I hate to make predictions, for one thing, and I have a hard time saying mean things about really bad teams (I don’t have that problem with good teams). So, if you like to read previews, try a few of these out.

TSN.com 30 Teams in 30 Days — I tend to think of TSN.com as the official hockey news. It’s highly Canadian-team leaning, but what can you do.

Yahoo! Sports Season Previews — I think of Yahoo! Sports as the best hockey news. They get a lot of hits from me. They have a Stars Team Report that is pretty complimentary, too.

Puck Daddy’s Season Previews — For some reason Greg W. decided to get a substitute for the Stars preview. I think he’s mad at me. And maybe for the same reasons, he has no tag for the season previews. So if you want to see any for other teams, you have to just pick through all the other posts to find them. Still, he has a pretty good bit, doing it like a high-school yearbook. Funny.

I think it’s going to be an exciting year. I don’t think we should make any assumptions yet, though, lest we jinx it.

Well, I’m off to obsessively rank and re-rank players for my IPB Fantasy League team, the Paddleball Gamers. Hockey really needs to get here.

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Dave Tippett showed off his motorcycles at The Old Bike Shop where he hangs out here in Dallas.

He builds them as a hobby after he tried it during the lockout, just for something to do. He has said that he pretty much enjoys building them more than riding them. He’s finished two of them.

I know he’s in charge and he’s the boss of the team and whatever he says goes, when it comes to hockey, but he is just so adorable.

He just seems like the nicest guy when he’s shootin’ the breeze about bikes or about his place in Minnesota. He was on The Ticket a few days ago and was calling from the Fargo airport and joking about how remote his place is (I bet it’s beautiful up there).

Then when he explains how he talked to Mike Modano about his role and Mo understood what he had to do, or when he says, “We sat down and talked to Loui and explained that he’s not a rookie any more and it’s time for him to be a player,” he sounds almost scary.

He’s like the guy that will joke around with you one minute, then the next he’ll say, “I don’t ever want to see you make that kind of play again,” and you just have to say, “Yes, sir.”

I love him. I’m so glad his contract was extended.

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If you’re inclined, feel free to take a look at some of the pictures from the new Stars calendar.

They really don’t do the calendar justice, so mosey on over to the Dallas Stars Official Site and order one for yourself.  Tell ’em the PK sent ya.

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Stars Calendar Boys

Cat, Caitlin, and Jenlo of Untypical Girls did a HUGE favor for me a few games back. I couldn’t go to the last Monday game and I was upset I was going to miss out on my next bobblehead doll, so they volunteered to get me one when they went. Isn’t that great? By itself, that is pretty much the sweetest thing ever. 

But they outdid themselves by bringing me the new Dallas Stars Calendar.

Speaking of outdoing oneself, the Stars really have produced a beautiful calendar. I’ve scanned all the pictures and I’ll post them soon. Everybody needs to get one for themselves, though. It is beautiful.

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Good grief, that Morrow bobblehead is frightening!  The Modano bobblehead is small and probably not that high-dollar, but it at least has the spirit of the bobblehead in mind.  The dumpy body, the ankles together, the nice smooth paint, and the giant bobbing head.  The Morrow looks like it started out to be one of those MacFarlane action figures, but decided it was going to be too expensive so they just stuck a giant and not-very-bobbly head on it.  Yikes-ee.

Even though I was horrified, I’m now probably going to be compelled to go to five more Monday games so I can collect all six.

 The game presentation had a new feature that I thought was fun.  You can text a message to the Jumbotron, essentially.  You send your text message to a number and they post it on the crawl on the scoreboard.  The only problem is that none of mine went through.  I started with a plain, “Go Bouch!”  Then I thought it’d be fun to see if they’d put up my blog URL, but I wasn’t surprised they didn’t.  Lastly, I tried to shout out to the Untypical Girls, Cat and Caitlin, but that didn’t go through, either. Shout out to y’all anyway! My lovely sister sent a message from home for me, though. So it was fun.

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