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I’m getting excited about the Winter Classic, coming up on New Year’s Day. I’m trying to start a tradition of sitting around watching hockey game after hockey game while eating chips and dips and crackers and cheeseballs, like we used to do when we were kids for college football games.

That was all the college football we were interested in watching, but it was a tradition so we did it and we loved it! The NHL gets bashed at every turn, but I think this Winter Classic idea is a good one. I think they should do it like this, once a year on New Year’s Day, and no more. Anything else would be too much, and we’d get sick of it. Anything less and we wouldn’t be able to plan for it.

I love that they’re having it in Wrigley Field this year. And I appreciate their tribute to the ballpark as part of all their marketing. The NHL seems to have hit on a good advertising company, because their Winter Classic commercial is a winner. Whoever is shooting and editing them lately is very good.

Another really cool thing that you should all check out is the time-lapse video of the rink being built at Wrigley. It’s updated every day. It’s fascinating. The park’s own shadow moving all over the field is kind of hypnotizing.

For all you readers that want to see some fun hockey but aren’t in a hockey market, you can see this game because it’s on NBC at noon (Central) on New Year’s Day. Make it a tradition!


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It\'s so pretty.

It's so pretty.

Look at the little icicles! And the little frost-sparkles!

Let me just say, that I am so happy they’re doing the Winter Classic again and that it’s on New Year’s Day. I hope they do it like they did last year and have a game after it and a game after that, so we can watch all day. I’ll make some dip, get some veggies and chips, maybe make limeade or something. It’ll be great!

Thanks to Icethetics (via Puck Daddy).

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